Can i bought my own Image everytime or only when it is in the Shop?

The own Images can be bought everytime, only other users can bought it only when it is in the shop.

Can i choose the Image price by myself like my own Shop?

No the price for the Images are the standrd prices you cannot choose the prices by yourself.

Can i transfer images from my Shop to community or release it there?

No this is not possible but you can uoload this Images in the Community.

How i become a Fan of someone?

In the User Profil of the target person is in the lower right a box with "my fans" there is a link to become a fans or to be no longer fan.

How many Pictures can i upload or release?

As normal Communitymember up to 100 Images and release up to 3 Images per day. As premiummember unlimited upload and release up to 6 Images per day.

How much the Community Membership?

Membership is free only the Premiumfeatures costs yearly 59.88 € ( 4.99 € per month ).

My Image dont shown everywhere what is going on?

The Images will shown if they are in the Index , the Indexer runs periodicly so it can be that the Pictures need some minutes to view.

Which fileformats are supported?

At the moment only jpeg,jpg,tif,bmp,png,gif files can be uploaded. Other formats may be later.

How big can or must my Image?

The Resolution and other Information on usefull Images can you find on the Uploadpage ( for Example Resolutions, Filesize and Fileformats )! The resolution of the Image should between 1.750 pixel and 14.000pixel based on the longer side of image and the filesize maximum is 40 mb.

Are there differences between normal Shop and Comunity on Payment?

No we offer the same possibilities of payment the same prices and shippingcosts like our normal Shop (

How much money can i get for my Image?

The commission is like our own Shop with 10% based on normal Shopprice.

Evaluation phase wat does that mean?

If a picture is released, it is in an evaluation phase to assess whether the quality and the content for selling in the shop. The evaluation period is one week (7 days).

Is my Picture in the Imagecatalog if i released it or how it goes?

No the Picture can only in the Imagecatalog if the redaction says it is good enough or it is "Image of the Month".

Why exists an 100% Preview?

As registered User You are able to comment and rate the Images of other Users, therfore we create this view in original size to rate the quality of original Image.

Will my personal information disclosed?

Obviously, the security of your data at our highest priority. are never gave any data to third parties. Your data are exclusivly used to process your orders and contact form

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